ThunderX3 TGC22 Series Gaming Chair – Black/Green


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  • Manufacturer: AeroCool, ThunderX3

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The TGC22 (ThunderX3 Gaming Chair) is a high-quality racing seat design gaming chair with faux leather cover. Primarily noticeable is the headrest area with a neck pillow and the V-shaped pattern of the directional tire tread embossed on the chair. On the chair, the neck-pillow stands upright which allows your neck to rest on the cushion while supporting the contours of your head. Extra soft padding in the contact areas with a firm back cushion ensure a comfortable experience while seated for long hours. From the living room to the gaming room, plan the next world domination from the comfort of your gaming chair.




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Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 86 × 70 × 33 cm