Promate ‘SIMate’ 6-in-1 SIM Card Holder for up to 6 SIM Cards w/Adapters – Black



  • Manufacturer: Promate
  • Model: PM-SIM-SIMATE
  • EAN/UPC: 6959144014241

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6 in 1 SIM Card Holder, 3 SIM Card Converters and SIM Tray Remover Container

  • SIMate, a premium sim-card holder made of the finest materials for storage and protection of your sim-cards on the go.
  • The holder carries upto 6 sim-cards and is innovatively created to store any kind of sim-card, be it a regular sim-card, a micro sim-card or a nano sim-card.
  • We have also included a small container to store your sim-card tray remover.

On-the go portability

  • Bundled with 3 compact sim-card adaptors which converts a sim-card into multiple sizes compatible with all mobile devices.
  • This sim card converter converts a micro sim-card to a regular sim-card, a nano sim-card to a micro sim-card.



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