LITEON DS-8AB Lite-On Internal Slim SATA 8x DVDRW OEM Pack



  • Manufacturer: Liteon
  • Model: DS-8AB

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Lite-On DS-8ABSH SATA Slim Black Internal DVD- Burner – NO SOFTWARE

* 12.7mm height for notebook computer use.
* High efficient power saving modes and ACPI compliant
* Fast access time and high data transfer rate, could be vertical mounted (optional)
* Max. 24X CD-ROM CAV (Constant Angular Velocity) reading
* Max. 24X CD-R PCAV (Zone Constant Linear Velocity) writing
* Max. 24X CD-RW ZCLV rewriting
* Max. 8X DVD-ROM CAV reading
* Max. 6X DVD-RW ZCLV rewriting
* Max. 8X DVD+RW ZCLV rewriting
* Max. 8X DVD-R PCAV writing
* Max. 8X DVD+R PCAV writing
* Max. 6X DVD-R9 PCAV writing
* Max. 6X DVD+R9 PCAV writing
* Max. 5X DVD-RAM PCAV rewriting
* SMART-X Smart Monitoring & Adjusting Read-speed Technology for eXtraction
* Smart Monitoring & Adapting Recording Technology for Burning




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