Brateck MP02-7 Stitched Edges Gaming Mouse Pad with Chroma RGB Lighting (800x300x3mm)



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  • Manufacturer: BRATECK

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This 31.5″ x 11.8″ stitched edges gaming mouse pad is large enough for mouse, keyboard and other device, great to use for gaming and office work. Place your keyboard, gaming mouse, gaming mouse bungee, and any other accessories directly on top of the mouse pad and let your keyboard hand rest on a soft, padded mouse mat. Low friction fabric surface allows your mouse to smoothly glide along the surface during gaming. Non-Slip rubber grip covers the entire backside of the mouse pad, ensuring no accidental movement or slips that could lead to missing a shot or misclicking.

●Anti-fray Rugged Stitching: prevents wear-and-tear over the years of extensive gaming sessions
●Low Friction Fabric Surface: ensures accurate mouse control and stable operation
●Anti-Slip Rubber Backing: ensures no accidental movement or slips that could lead to missing a shot or misclicking
●RGB Multi-Color Gradient Breathing Lights: offer soothing ambient lighting

Product Category: Mouse Pad
Rank: Standard
Dimensions: 800x300x3mm (31.5″x11.8″x0.12″)
Material: Styrene Butadiene Rubber(SBR),Mutispandex Fabric



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