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AOC AGON 35\" VA 4ms 120Hz AG352UCG6 3440x1440 G-Sync Curved Gaming Monitor w/HAS - HDMI/DP Speaker Height Adjust VESA100mm Black & Red
AOC AGON 35" VA 4ms 120Hz AG352UCG6 3440x1440 G-Sync Curved Gaming Monitor w/HAS - HDMI/DP Speaker Height Adjust VESA100mm Black & Red

Model: AG352UCG6/75 | EAN/UPC:

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Product Description

The AOC AG352UCG6 gaming monitor features a 35" screen, NVIDIA G-Sync, 120Hz refresh rate and an array of other functions. Specially designed for gaming, it's the ultimate monitor for bringing out the best of any player.

The screen is slightly curved, creating a naturally more immersive viewing experience.

The 3440x1440 UltraWide QHD monitor offers superb picture quality. Turn your desktop into battle central and enjoy every thrilling moment in your game with the Ultrawide QHD screen. This 21:9 super high resolution display has clearly higher vertical resolution and a very much wider panoramic image than a Full HD 16:9 monitor: in fact, 2.4 times more pixels give you a truly immersive gaming experience with superb picture quality and a much broader field of vision. Finer details and an extended view of the action ensure you can bring your 'A' game every time.

Groundbreaking display technology that delivers the smoothest gaming experience ever by eliminating screen tearing and minimizing display stutter and input lag. Scenes appear instantly, objects look sharper, and gameplay is super smooth.

With a 120Hz frame rate, you see every critical moment on the screen, with ultra smooth motion and no blurring.

AOC Shadow Control enables fast adjustment of the in-game image to improve areas of the screen that are too dark or washed out, without affecting the rest of the screen.

With AOC Game Color, adjust color saturation and grey level with 200 levels of detail for a better game experience.

Reduce harmful blue light emissions with AOC's Low-Blue Technology.

Effects lighting on the back panel can be changed to red, green or blue, to suit the mood of play, or match team colours at gaming events.

The adjustable stand allows the user to change the monitor height adjustment 110 ±5mm, tilt: -5.5° ±1.5° ~ 28° ±2°, swivel: -­30° ±2° ~ 30° ±2°.

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