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ASUS Essence STX II Sound Card
ASUS Essence STX II Sound Card

Price $399.00

Order In from Supplier**
Order In from Supplier**


Product Description

1. Industry-leading 124dB SNR (signal-to-noise ratio) audio quality
2. Ultra-low jitter from premium TCXO clock source 
3. Clean and consistent power supply thanks to WIMA® capacitors and high-fidelity low-dropout (LDO) regulators for uncompromising sound 
4. Top-notch headphone amplifier supports up to 600ohm-headphone impedance with a dedicated gain for in-ear monitors (IEMs) 
5. Exclusive op-amp swap kit includes three op-amps and tool for easy tone tuning 
6. Celebrated MUSES op-amps deliver true-to-life musicality 
7. Ultra-fidelity (120dB SNR) 7.1-channel output via the exclusive daughterboard (for STX II 7.1 only)"

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